From Our Valued Borrowers, Brokers and Vendors

Thank you to all of our valued borrowers and vendors. We look forward to continuing to work together and appreciate your feedback!

I closed on my first deal with you guys yesterday and just wanted to say how wonderful it was to work with the company as the process was smooth all the way through.

Also, a special thanks to Dan for never missing any of my phone calls and answering or getting the answers for any questions I had and when he said a time and day for inspection he was there on time.

Thanks for everything.

Geno J.

Alise H.

Dan B.

Crowdcopia is the best hard money lender I’ve ever worked with.They are friendly, fair & knowledgeable. They have even given me ideas on my projects that I didn’t consider.

I am an investor & use them for my personal projects as well as recommend them to every single investor who comes through my door if they are looking for a lender.

Lastly – The fee structure no other hard money lender can touch, I’ve inquired of many other lenders to see where they stand.

Crowd is the best, forget the rest!

Heidi B.

Thank YOU for all your help. You’re a pleasure to work with.

Pat B.

Hey guys, we closed on 15XX N Myrtlewood yesterday. I want to personally thank you for all the help and guidance throughout the whole time with this project. I couldn’t have gotten there without you.

Devin C.

Crowdcopia contacted me about 5 years ago looking for an appraiser who understood the nuances of Philadelphia real estate as well as one who could work quickly to accommodate the fast paced world of investment lending.

From the first real estate appraisal I submitted to Crowdcopia I knew they were a different kind of lender. Not only do they generously share their construction expertise and knowledge of the Philadelphia region with every client, they work to help every investor succeed.

Jon, Craig and Luke have brought together a phenomenal support staff that are quick, courteous and professional at every turn. The entire Crowdcopia team brings years of experience both in and out of the world of real estate to The City of Brotherly Love and beyond.

Andrea Horner – Certified Real Estate Appraiser

I chose, and continue to choose, Crowdcopia for 3 reasons:

1) Simplicity in process

2) Quick closings

3) In depth knowledge on the cost of construction and the building process.

When I started to scale my real estate portfolio rapidly in 2018, I needed a lender who would move equally as fast as me and would remove unnecessary barriers that would hinder that growth. Crowdcopia met my criteria of a lender who has a simple process, speedy closings/settlements and in-depth knowledge of construction. Here’s why they meet that criteria.

I’m a developer and a general contractor who knows what it costs to rebuild or renovate real estate – Crowdcopia owns over 200 properties of their own and have their own inhouse construction team, so they know costs, timelines and building processes. They also conduct their own building inspections for borrowers, thus eliminating a 3rd party inspector who simply checks boxes – This is vitally important because it offers a second professional opinion on the quality of work I perform.

Quick closings are a must, especially in a field as competitive as real estate. I need to make offers on properties with the confidence that I can get to the settlement table as quickly or even quicker than the guy offering ‘all cash’. When I make offers using Crowcopia as my lender, I am always confident that I will get to the settlement table when I say I will. They are my competitive edge.

Simplicity in process is just that – simple. Crowdcopia’s process is fast, seamless and simple. From appraisal to settlement (if title is in and ready) rarely takes more than 10 days and they have only 1 fee on the Hud, no junk fees, doc prep fees, review fees, inspection fees etc. Just 1 fee.

If you’re looking for simplicity, knowledge and speed, Crowdcopia is right for you.

Jonathan A.