Bridge Loans To Grow Your Rental Portfolio

We know that evolving as a real estate investor requires financing flexibility and know how. If you need to get cash from an existing rental property this loan acts as a bridge until you secure more traditional funding.

Each loan is designed to compliment your investment strategy and meet your particular financing needs.

Short Term Convenience

This loan gives you the flexibility you need to evolve and strengthen your rental portfolio. Loan terms up to 9 months.

No Surprises

Since we have no other fees, other than our points, there are never any surprises. No hidden or unexplained fees will surface the day you close.

Custom Loan Options

Each loan we process is handled and built with individualized attention to ensure your loan never stalls. Plan to cover a $400 appraisal.

No Down Payment

Let your property’s value do all the talking. If your cash flow is limited a no down payment option could be just the right option for you (if applicable).

Relevant Funding

Whether you need under $50,000 or up to $2 million our funding is relevant and designed to meet your cash flow needs.

Get Cash From Your Existing Rentals

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